AQUAPORTO invests constantly in technology to become better and better in fingerlings and juveniles’ management produced by the enterprise. This investment provides better management and consequently better animals. Beyond the best practices, we count on a program constantly updated in our broodstock. We use AquaAmérica’s broodstock with cutting-edge genetics, getting fingerlings with superior performance in comparison to our competitors in any event.


Having as an objective to answer the Brazilian fish farm market in a wide and better way, we are investing in new units, with a more modern infrastructure and more efficient processes. We count on cutting-edge technology allied to qualified professionals in service of the quality of our products and searching for better results to our Customers.
AquaPorto counts on a new unit in Serra da Mesa.
Fazenda do Porto - BR 491, Km 158 Alfenas - MG
CEP 37130-000 | CX Postal 11
Administrative - Alcides de Araujo Terra Street, 258 Alterosa - MG | CEP 37145-000
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